‘LOVE in 90 Minutes’ Looking for Writing Submissions!

Thorpedo Productions is PUMPED to announce we are looking for writers for an upcoming run every Wednesday at 8pm in February at Stage 773 for ‘LOVE in 90 Minutes’. Read the details below and be part of the story on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/lovein90minutes Do you have a 5-15 minute play, monologue or scenicContinue reading “‘LOVE in 90 Minutes’ Looking for Writing Submissions!”


[It’s sad to me that this scene is 2+ years old and most North Americans still don’t know what’s going on in Syria.] Cinamadness Andrew Thorp 8.24.13 (version 1) Lights up on Chuck and Sejan sitting on opposite sides of a table. CHUCK: And welcome back to Cina­Madness, where we discuss Hollywood today. I’m ChuckContinue reading “COMEDIC SCENE: ‘CINAMADNESS: OR WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SYRIA?’”

Short Horror Film – The Compatriots

With Halloween on the horizon and immigration debates stirring, I wrote a short horror film motivated by some ‘interesting’ North Americans on the border trying to stop Mexican citizens from crossing into the US. It’s half in Spanish, so you may want to open your Google translator, if you’re not fluent. I’ll be posting aContinue reading “Short Horror Film – The Compatriots”


On Aug 1, Chicago demanded big chain stores do away with plastic bags to give bruised and beaten Mother Nature a fighting chance. Instead of finding new ways to help customers transport goods in an eco-friendly manner, companies like Jewel, Target and Walgreens switched to “reusable” plastic bags that use way more plastic than theContinue reading “4 WAYS TO TAKE BACK CHICAGO THE CORPORATE WAY”

The Surge For A Better World: 4 Surges That Make Sense

We’ve all felt the pain of Uber’s ‘Surging’ prices during rush-hours and rainfalls. While Uber’s inflated fees may drive your blood-pressure through the Camry’s roof, the idea of surge-pricing could be used for good! Check out my proposed surge add-ons that would make life easier for most of us. The Drunken Surge – Your friendContinue reading “The Surge For A Better World: 4 Surges That Make Sense”