Words & Articles

An Open Letter To The Bartender That Kicked Me Out Ten Minutes Ago (Bye Bye Liver)

Clairvoyant Trump Predictions (The Second City Network)

Genetically Modified Foods Debuting in 2017 (Thorpedo Productions)

7 Healthcare Plans That Aren’t Insanely Expensive (The Second City Network)

Drunken Karaoke Songs For Every Occasion (Bye Bye Liver)

A Thank You Note From Your Final friend, Death. (The Second City Network)

Quick Tips On How To Enjoy The World As It Melts Around Us (Thorpedo Productions)

I Don’t And You Should Too! (6 Reasons Not To Get Married) (Thorpedo Productions)

Apartment Hunting Does and Donts (The Second City Network)

5 Tips to Stop Pissing Off Your Server (Funny Or Die)

Happy Employee Appreciation Day – We Quit! (Thorpedo Productions)

7 Iffy Ideas for Indoor Winter Fun (The Second City Network)

Stand-up Skills That Can Help You Land a 9 to 5 (The Second City Network)

8 Ways to Land Better Stand-up Gigs (The Second City Network)


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