Transfer Request Letter Template

As I wrote a request to transfer my job outside of the country for a few years, I realized there may be a majority of the population who might like some help a drafting that email. So, I wrote a template that may help you avoid some horrible years to come. Transfer Request Letter TemplateContinue reading “Transfer Request Letter Template”

Love In 90 Minutes Is In Full Swing!

Explore the many facets of Love in a theatrical journey with Thorpedo Productions. Stories of love, lovers and love gone wrong are scripted and performed for you by some of Chicago’s most talented up-and-coming actors, writers and directors. Stop in early to grab a love-inspired cocktail from Stage 773’s full bar.

Rule 34’s Live Podcast Party

Rule 34 is back and more live than ever! We covered X-Files last week and are talking Star Trek tomorrow night! Grab tickets here. The Rule 34 podcast is hosted by four Chicago comedians who explore the world of fetishes, porn and internet sexiness. Enjoy a live show on Saturdays at Midnight through February. CreatedContinue reading “Rule 34’s Live Podcast Party”

Genetically Modified Foods Debuting in 2017

Genetically Modified Foods Debuting in 2017 By Andrew Thorp Acne-Fighting Beefsteak Tomatoes Self-tanning Mini Carrots Kale for Social Anxiety Banana-Flavored Fava Beans Fava Bean-Flavored Bananas Banana-Flavored Plantains Sleep Replacement Rice Antibiotic Salmon Patties Cilantro For Fibromyalgia-Sufferers Peanuts For Hair Growth (Pregnant women or women planning to give birth at any time in their lives shouldContinue reading “Genetically Modified Foods Debuting in 2017”