de Maat Open Mic – Saturday at Midnight!

Night-of slots still open. Slots are 4 minutes long and we are going until 1:45 am. 1. Host – Andrew Thorp 2. Open Slot 3. Glenn Earich 4. Open Slot 5. Jordan Stein 6. Open Slot 7. Jordan Underbakke 8. Open Slot 9. Jerry Tran 10. Ranjit Souri 11. Facebook Slot (comment ‘I want aContinue reading “de Maat Open Mic – Saturday at Midnight!”

Thorpedo Productions and Brithethorn Films New Horror Movie!

Why wait until Superbowl 2012 to see the stunning new Film Trailer for “B2” that everyone will be talking about Monday Morning? Prepare to hold back your screams as summer 2012 approaches! Starring Bev Baily and Andrew Thorp, B2 opens in theaters this summer! Written and Directed by the mastermind of silly, parodyContinue reading “Thorpedo Productions and Brithethorn Films New Horror Movie!”

The Stand-down – Sunday @ Northdown Cafe!

The Standdown is back this Sunday at 9pm at Northdown Cafe! $3 Schlitz Tall Boys, $2 off bombers, appetizer specials, and some of the funniest comedians in Chicago! Hosts Andrew Thorp Matt Garard Showcase  Comedians Jamie Campbell Angela Vela Lisa Laureta *Open mic comedians can email until Saturday at Noon to get a slotContinue reading “The Stand-down – Sunday @ Northdown Cafe!”