More Cat Videos (Song) – By Philip Amler and the Cast of ‘The Most Important Week Ever’

A scene by Philip Amler and the cast of Thorpedo Productions newest Satirical Sketch Revue, ‘The Most Important
Week Ever’, – on Saturdays, May 11th at 7:30pm in
Donny’s Skybox. Pulling from this week’s headlines, a talented cast of
writers and performers deliver a new show each week, satirizing today’s
political and cultural environments.

Where: Donny’s Skybox – 1608 N Wells

When: May 11- June 22 – Saturdays at 7:30pm

Cost: $13 Tickets General, $10 – Students, $8 – Training Center Students





Produced by Thorpedo Productions

Artistic Director – Andrew Thorp

Directed By: Michael Jordan Jr., Nick White and Sabrina Pratt

Music By Kathleen Gibson and Geno Alesandrini

Written By: Performers and Blaise Sewell, Geno Alesandrini, Schuyler Weinberg and Sean Cooley

Performed By:Jeff Arcuri, Kristen Glogowski, Veronica Maldano, Kaitlyn
Grissom, Philip Amler, Gary Pascal, Eric Oren, Ian Deanes, Tiffani Swalley, Philip Amler
Alima Belconis and Eric Harrison

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